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Sigur Ros @ The Chicago Theatre--Wednesday, 09.24.08

Hi Everyone,

Happy to find a community for Sigur Ros; I'm a Chicago area gal who just joined so I could tearfully read glowing reviews of tomorrow night's show at The Chicago Theatre. I've wanted to see Sigur Ros for...ever, and almost had a chance to go tomorrow. (My husband ebay-ed for tix for me as super amazing surprise, and an amazing surprise it was indeed.) That said, a few hours ago, our sitter called and completely flaked for tomorrow. We've called everyone possible to locate another sitter, but to no avail.

It probably goes without saying that I AM CRUSHED.

That said, I have two tickets to the show tomorrow night at The Chicago Theatre @ 8 PM. MNFL3R, row FF. We paid $175 on ebay, and I'm looking to get $125 for them if possible. I just moved out to the western 'burbs but we can meet up out this way or near The Chicago Theatre anytime from early afternoon until the show starts, really. If you're interested, hit me up in the comments, please?

(Mod(s): Please delete this post if it's not allowed in the comm and accept my apologies--I just hate for such awesome tickets to go to waste, especially since the show is sold out.) :/

For all of you going tomorrow night, have an amazing time. ( ) remains one of my favorite albums of all time.

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